Monday, September 19, 2011

Product Review: Buxom Lips Plumping Polish in Samantha

As a lot of you are aware I'm sure, sometimes getting a nice smooth finish to your lips is damn near impossible without a ton of work and effort. Not only do you have to exfoliate your lips, but there's lip treatments, balms, moisturizers, and all sorts of things to keep your lips from getting rough, cracked and chapped. The Texas weather this summer has been scorching, and I have been having to exfoliate daily because my lips keep getting so flaky! I finally discovered however, something I could use over my revlon nude lipstick and for those days when my lips just won't cooperate it's been a life saver! I ordered it off the Sephora Website and it is definitely worth a purchase!

Buxom Lips Plumping Lip Polish is awesome. First of all the tube is huge, so for the money you pay, you aren't getting some scrawny little half full tube. It's definitely a very good size and easy to find. The color isn't overwhelming at all, and it glides on so thick but not goopy and not sticky! I got the particular lip polish in Samantha so it's a nice, glossy nude color, perfect for my Gyaru Make! It does however, make your lips tingle and also makes them cold, but at the end of the application your lipstick beneath the gloss is smooth and flake free and your lips look polished, healthy, and super plump! A definite recommendation from me!

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