Monday, September 19, 2011

Web Find! NYX Cosmetics Website!

You guys must must must check out Nyx cosmetics! I originally found Nyx through MakeupGeek and have tried a few of their products. They are very well made and relatively cheap compared to Ulta and Sephora! I made a list for you gals, of suggested products I found on the NYX site. Try them (I'm going to! Once I get these products and try them out, I will leave reviews for you guys) and let me know how they worked for you! The NYX website can be found HERE

Miko's NYX Cosmetics Suggestions for Gal Make! (PART 1)

1. Highlight and Contour Creams! ($17 US apiece)

I originally considered this because it would put an end to the dreaded Cake Face! Cakey makeup is often caused by using too much powdered products such as highlight powder, rice powder, and bronzer. I would suggest using a stippling brush with these to keep the contours where you want them and hopefully it reduces the amount of powder you have to use on your face! Also if you would like to avoid using powder to set your makeup, pick up a bottle of MAC Fix +, it's AMAZING and works really well!

2. Tinted Lip Spa in Silk Bubble ($5.50 US)

All gals need a lip treatment of some sort! I have been searching and searching for balms and lip conditioners and while I have not tried this, it is definitely on my list! Conditioners for lips reduce the need to exfoliate so much (though you should still exfoliate your lips, ladies!) and make them nice and soft! I know these products are good so I'm hoping that the Lip Spa will not disappoint. It is tinted, so I chose the color "Silk Bubble" because it's a nice nude color that will complement my nude lipstick and gloss!

3. Doll Eye Mascara ($9 US)

I am very, VERY hesitant to switch Mascara from my Telescopic Carbon Black, but I will definitely be giving this a try! Gyaru Make is all about artifice and accentuating the eyes, often going for big, bold lashes and the "dolly eyed" look. NYX has made doll eye mascara that comes in Volumizing, Waterproof, and Long Lash in Extreme Black! I will try this and who knows? I may like it better than my Telescopic!

4. Auto Eyebrow Pencil ($4.50 US)

This eyebrow pencil has vegetable, soybean and coconut oil in the pencil so drawing on your eyebrows or filling them in glides onto your skin effortlessly! It also comes with a built in brush that lets you blend the color into the natural shape of your brow and make them look more natural. This can also be achieved with a brow/lash pencil and a regular eyeliner, but Nyx has great colors and I will DEFINITELY be giving this a try!

5. NYX Fruit Basket LipGloss Set ($9 US)

All gals NEED kawaii accessories and things for their purse and these were just too cute to pass up! The Fruit Basket Gloss Set has four little gloss pots and comes in Apple, Orange, Peach and Pear. They may give a slight hint of color on your lips so I would use sparingly, but it will give your lips a little pop of color and flavor and keep them soft and conditioned so they don't dry out! Also a good idea for gifts, to give to your fellow gal pals, these are adorable and I love them!

I will be making a part two of this post, with even more suggestions for you ladies to try with me on my Makeup Wishlist! As you can see the prices really are pretty reasonable, and from my personal experience, the high end makeup is some of the worst I've ever used. You can get great finds in a drug store and online and even places like walmart. Remember! Pricier is not always better! I hope this helps out my fellow Makeup Crazy Gals!


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