Monday, September 19, 2011

Web Find! NYX Cosmetics Website!

You guys must must must check out Nyx cosmetics! I originally found Nyx through MakeupGeek and have tried a few of their products. They are very well made and relatively cheap compared to Ulta and Sephora! I made a list for you gals, of suggested products I found on the NYX site. Try them (I'm going to! Once I get these products and try them out, I will leave reviews for you guys) and let me know how they worked for you! The NYX website can be found HERE

Miko's NYX Cosmetics Suggestions for Gal Make! (PART 1)

1. Highlight and Contour Creams! ($17 US apiece)

I originally considered this because it would put an end to the dreaded Cake Face! Cakey makeup is often caused by using too much powdered products such as highlight powder, rice powder, and bronzer. I would suggest using a stippling brush with these to keep the contours where you want them and hopefully it reduces the amount of powder you have to use on your face! Also if you would like to avoid using powder to set your makeup, pick up a bottle of MAC Fix +, it's AMAZING and works really well!

2. Tinted Lip Spa in Silk Bubble ($5.50 US)

All gals need a lip treatment of some sort! I have been searching and searching for balms and lip conditioners and while I have not tried this, it is definitely on my list! Conditioners for lips reduce the need to exfoliate so much (though you should still exfoliate your lips, ladies!) and make them nice and soft! I know these products are good so I'm hoping that the Lip Spa will not disappoint. It is tinted, so I chose the color "Silk Bubble" because it's a nice nude color that will complement my nude lipstick and gloss!

3. Doll Eye Mascara ($9 US)

I am very, VERY hesitant to switch Mascara from my Telescopic Carbon Black, but I will definitely be giving this a try! Gyaru Make is all about artifice and accentuating the eyes, often going for big, bold lashes and the "dolly eyed" look. NYX has made doll eye mascara that comes in Volumizing, Waterproof, and Long Lash in Extreme Black! I will try this and who knows? I may like it better than my Telescopic!

4. Auto Eyebrow Pencil ($4.50 US)

This eyebrow pencil has vegetable, soybean and coconut oil in the pencil so drawing on your eyebrows or filling them in glides onto your skin effortlessly! It also comes with a built in brush that lets you blend the color into the natural shape of your brow and make them look more natural. This can also be achieved with a brow/lash pencil and a regular eyeliner, but Nyx has great colors and I will DEFINITELY be giving this a try!

5. NYX Fruit Basket LipGloss Set ($9 US)

All gals NEED kawaii accessories and things for their purse and these were just too cute to pass up! The Fruit Basket Gloss Set has four little gloss pots and comes in Apple, Orange, Peach and Pear. They may give a slight hint of color on your lips so I would use sparingly, but it will give your lips a little pop of color and flavor and keep them soft and conditioned so they don't dry out! Also a good idea for gifts, to give to your fellow gal pals, these are adorable and I love them!

I will be making a part two of this post, with even more suggestions for you ladies to try with me on my Makeup Wishlist! As you can see the prices really are pretty reasonable, and from my personal experience, the high end makeup is some of the worst I've ever used. You can get great finds in a drug store and online and even places like walmart. Remember! Pricier is not always better! I hope this helps out my fellow Makeup Crazy Gals!


Miko Gyaru Has a Page on Facebook!

It's True! I have my own page on Facebook (it's separate from my personal account) that my lovely readers are more than welcome to check out! Feel free to "Like" the page, as 7 wonderful, awesome, lovely people have done! Just search "Miko Chan Gyaru Blog"


Product Review: Buxom Lips Plumping Polish in Samantha

As a lot of you are aware I'm sure, sometimes getting a nice smooth finish to your lips is damn near impossible without a ton of work and effort. Not only do you have to exfoliate your lips, but there's lip treatments, balms, moisturizers, and all sorts of things to keep your lips from getting rough, cracked and chapped. The Texas weather this summer has been scorching, and I have been having to exfoliate daily because my lips keep getting so flaky! I finally discovered however, something I could use over my revlon nude lipstick and for those days when my lips just won't cooperate it's been a life saver! I ordered it off the Sephora Website and it is definitely worth a purchase!

Buxom Lips Plumping Lip Polish is awesome. First of all the tube is huge, so for the money you pay, you aren't getting some scrawny little half full tube. It's definitely a very good size and easy to find. The color isn't overwhelming at all, and it glides on so thick but not goopy and not sticky! I got the particular lip polish in Samantha so it's a nice, glossy nude color, perfect for my Gyaru Make! It does however, make your lips tingle and also makes them cold, but at the end of the application your lipstick beneath the gloss is smooth and flake free and your lips look polished, healthy, and super plump! A definite recommendation from me!

Review: Tarte True Blood Pallette

After getting my Sephora 24 color Palette I pretty much had thought I was set and had no need to go looking for other palettes/shadows since I thought I had all the basic colors already available to me. My Gal Makeup has a somewhat nude eye, so I use a lot of neutral shadows to create the look I want, and then go heavy with my liner. BUT... then I got this

The Tarte for True Blood Palette was given to me for my birthday and Oh my gosh, it is amazing. There's neutrals, pretty shimmers, some awesome fun colors for you to try out as well and it is one of the best palettes I have ever had! It comes with:

18 shadows in amazing colors!

1 Gel Liner Pen (More on this later)

1 tube of Tarte Mascara

1 tube of Eyelid primer

I will review each item individually and let you know what I liked and what I didn't! So! On with the Review!

The Eyeshadows: The colors are amazing! I usually for my every day look sweep Fairy on the inside of my eyelid and on the outer part of the eyelid sweep on Waitress. I blend the two together until I get a nice fading effect and accentuate the crease with Werewolf. You don't want the dark brown to go up too high, so I would suggest using a windshield wiper motion and gently blend up a little to fade any harsh lines. I either sweep The Light or Fairy on as my brow highlight and after that I am done! If you gals get this eye palette, be sure to try the look out for yourself and see how you like it! I highly recommend the shadows, they're all a little shimmery but super beautiful and I love them!

Shadows: 5/5 stars

The Gel Liner: You have to be really, really REALLY careful with this pen! If you don't have the stick up just barely above the tube it WILL break off and give you a major case of the smudgies. What I usually do is with a bent liner brush apply black shadow as eyeliner and then go over it with the gel liner, it hides any and all mistakes and makes the color super intense! It glides on so easy and dark and it's, for me, not entirely smudgeproof but way better than liquid liner and easier to use!

Liner : 4.5/5 Stars

The Mascara: TERRIBLE. It dries out my lashes and barely gives me any coverage at all. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what but it is not even comparable to my L'Oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black. It's not dark enough and leaves you with spider lashes. I do not recommend using the mascara at all. Use your own.

Mascara: 0/5 Stars

Eye Primer: Very good Primer! It's creamy and light neutral colored. It is very similar to Paladio's eye primer which can be found on in the makeup geek store for SUPER cheap. Paladio has the best primer I have ever used and the Tarte is just like it, only way more expensive. I like primers that have a thicker, creamier texture because it holds the eye makeup on better.

Primer: 5/5 Stars

Overall: 4.8/5 Stars

I love this pallette and highly recommend it. It can be found on under Tarte when you shop by brand. It is limited edition so I would suggest getting your hands on it before it's too late! The palette also comes with a little Lookbook card to show you how to do some of the eye makeup from True Blood! I hope you gals love this pallette as much as I do! sorry about the late review but I wanted to give everything a good test before I reviewed it for you guys!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's Biiiiiiirthday Weeek!!!!

I went to celebrate my birthday with my mom the past couple of days since she works this weekend on the day of my actual birthday! I had a blast! Cheesecake as a birthday cake, good food, fun times. I caught up on True Blood, I had a great time, and of course I got presents! I got two pairs of CUTE flats (one black with a ZIPPER BOW, they were so cool. And one red suede pair!) I got clothes, earrings, bronzer (IN LOVE with Bronzer), Lip Gloss (It's Buxom Lips in Samantha, HIGHLY recommended, gals!), The True Blood Eye Palette from Sephora (it's amazing!) AND.... MY CIRCLE LENSES! They haven't come yet but I'll show you guys a picture of what I got!

I got the Vivian 3 Tone Green Lenses off! They are the best site, a lot of gals who's blogs I read use them and I ordered them from there! They're 15.0 mm across so I'm expecting them to be nice and huge! SOOO excited! I'll have to take pictures when they're in so you guys can see and hopefully I can hijack mom's camera for a minute to do so! That's all for today! Reviews will start soon! Much loves!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Obsession of the Day!

I am obsessed with Caramelldansen, no matter what language it's in!

Lashes on a budget!

The best lashes I have ever heard of, according to Gals who's blogs I read, from all over the world, are Dolly-Wink lashes. They're modeled on Tsubasa Masuwaka, and on PinkyParadise (which I'll get more into later) they're 18 dollars. Expensive! I have found some good lashes that can be found in drug stores, cheaply on the internet, even dollar general! You don't have to spend tons and tons of money to be cute and Gal and for all of us gals on a budget, less pricy but quality items are necessities. So, without further adieu, Miko Gyaru Presents: Lashes on A Budget!


COST: $1.25 US - $3.00

CAN BE FOUND AT: Dollar General, Walmart, Drug Stores

COMMENTS: I love these lashes! I use them all the time. I get them at Dollar General for $1.25 so I can buy a lot at one time and they're very very good quality. I personally use the S42's and the S47's. If you gals want to give these a try and buy other kinds, leave a comment and let me know how you like them!


COST: $3.00 US- $5.00 US

CAN BE FOUND AT: Drug Stores, Walmart, and MakeupGeek.Com! (In the "Store" Section. For cheap too! MUG has VERY good prices!)

COMMENTS: I love Ardell's lashes too! They're a little more pricey than the SelectLash but they're very good for special occasions (I use the SelectLash for everyday use, to keep costs at a minimum.) They look very natural in the smaller sizes but can go all the way up to dramatic and wild!


COST: $4.00 US - $6.00

CAN BE FOUND AT: Walmart, Drug Stores

COMMENTS: These lashes, especially in Double Wink, which was the kind I bought are VERY dramatic! They're beautiful and very fun, and recommended for the wilder styles of Gyaru! They're very good quality, very durable band, very soft and beautiful. Highly recommended, especially for special occasions and going out. I wouldn't buy them for everyday wear as they're a little more expensive, and there's not a discount on them at MakeupGeek.

And there you have it! Lashes on a Budget! I'm expecting my first pair of Circle Lenses soon and am SO excited! I'll review them when I get them as well as the site I got them from, Pinky Paradise!