Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's Biiiiiiirthday Weeek!!!!

I went to celebrate my birthday with my mom the past couple of days since she works this weekend on the day of my actual birthday! I had a blast! Cheesecake as a birthday cake, good food, fun times. I caught up on True Blood, I had a great time, and of course I got presents! I got two pairs of CUTE flats (one black with a ZIPPER BOW, they were so cool. And one red suede pair!) I got clothes, earrings, bronzer (IN LOVE with Bronzer), Lip Gloss (It's Buxom Lips in Samantha, HIGHLY recommended, gals!), The True Blood Eye Palette from Sephora (it's amazing!) AND.... MY CIRCLE LENSES! They haven't come yet but I'll show you guys a picture of what I got!

I got the Vivian 3 Tone Green Lenses off! They are the best site, a lot of gals who's blogs I read use them and I ordered them from there! They're 15.0 mm across so I'm expecting them to be nice and huge! SOOO excited! I'll have to take pictures when they're in so you guys can see and hopefully I can hijack mom's camera for a minute to do so! That's all for today! Reviews will start soon! Much loves!


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