Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have tried a few eyeshadow palettes over the past couple of months and I thought I would share which ones I really liked!

1. The Urban Decay Naked Palette. Since Gyaru make (with the exception of manba and the more extreme styles) is mostly neutral colors this is a GREAT palette to have. It's really expensive, but it's a great investment. The colors are mostly shimmery, there aren't any matte shadows I don't think, but I still enjoy using it, because the colors pop and they're very eye catching and pretty! The brush that came with the palette is a bit slick and doesn't hold the pigment very well so I WOULD suggest getting another brush. Especially get a new eyeshadow primer as well. The Urban Decay Primer Potion is runny, watery and awful. I would suggest L'Oreal's eyeshadow primer or Palladio.

2. Sephora Collection 52 Color Palette. This is by far my FAVORITE palette. You can buy it on, the price now has dropped down to $12 US + shipping. There's great neutrals, great colors, and the black matte shadow is PERFECT for lining eyes with a bent liner brush! It also comes with these really rich, creamy lip glosses and blushes (which I don't use) AND a bronzer (which I use A LOT. It's a great bronzer). It's not even close to being as expensive as the UD Naked palette, which you can find for $50-$100, which is definitely a plus!

3. Nyx 28 Neutral Palette. The black shadow isn't as good as the Sephora palette, but they have pretty whites, browns, and pinky-browns that are really good! you can buy it from the store as well as a ton of great brushes and cheap, but great, cosmetics! The MakeupGeek store is also where I buy my eyelid primer and my highlighting powder (I use Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent.) I suggest checking out her site because she has TONS of great makeup tips and video tutorials and a product list a mile long, so anyone that is really super into makeup needs to visit to see her idea galleries and all the cool stuff there! To Visit the Makeup Geek Site, Click Here!

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