Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things Needed & Minor Setbacks.

I have been adding and adding and adding like crazy to my collection of makeup and hair stuff and I feel like I've got a lot of really good things but it seems like with this style I always need more. It can be tough, you have to keep up with all the latest fashions and you're constantly browsing and shopping and buying and trying to find things that look good for you and your body type. But feeling beautiful and the excitement you get knowing you look good, is really, for me, very much so worth it. I still need to find a good pair of bottom lashes. I have tops but just wearing tops doesn't make me feel like a *real* Gal as silly as it sounds. I'm still on the hunt for circle lenses, I should have them by August, I've recruited my mom in the search since she's a shopaholic too (ha!) I have enough clothes now, brand spanking new, to make some really cute coords and I'm waiting on a few very ncecessary *key pieces*. I need skirts and a few more accessories, and after that I should be completely good to go at least for a minute! And of course... I need a camera, so I can show all of you what I've been putting all my hard work into. I'm also going to work on losing weight, not because of the heavy-girl backlash in the gal community (because really, I could give a crap what they think about my body), but for me. I want to do it for myself. And of course, there will be the purchasing of hair pieces and maybe even wigs, I should have my first hair piece in by August as well.

I'm also disappointed with the lack of a Gal community in the North Texas area. I'm 100 miles away from Dallas, and there's nothing from what I've seen of Gals in the Wichita Falls area/southern Oklahoma area. This is I think one of the worst parts of being out in the Midwest and living in pretty much the middle of nothing.  I know there are a few great Gyarusa's in the Midwest but they are all so far from me and I'm not sure if I'd be able to go to meet ups. So I'm trying to start a Gyarusa here but there doesn't seem to be any girls or guysin this area interested or even knowledgeable about the Gyaru/Gyaru-o culture or fashion or anything. Oh the woes of living in Redneckville...SO the search continues...

If there are any girls/guys in the Wichita Falls Area that would like to join a fledgling gyarusa, feel free to email me at! I don't have a name or anything picked out, no meetups have been planned, I just think it would be nice to have a Gyarusa in my area and to have friends with similar interests and we can all hang out :D That's all for this post! I will post more things soon!


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