Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skin Care!

Gals wear a lot of makeup, whether it's outlandish and wild manba make or more natural looking, and it can be hell on the skin! You don't have to use as much concealer or cake on the foundation if your skin looks great, and to me, beautiful, fresh clean skin makes your makeup look even better! Teenage girls may have a problem with oil and bacteria, and older girls may have a problem with pore blockage and hormones, and there are thousands upon thousands of products to choose from! What to do? My skin isn't 100% perfect 100% of the time, BUT I have found a skin care routine that works for me, and this advice was given to someone I know by a real, licensed dermatologist.

For acne, you should not be using products containing salicylic acid, which strangely enough is in 99% of the products sold to help control pimples. It doesn't do anything, in fact, it makes the problem worse! Acne, no matter what the cause, either by oil, stress, or hormones, is a wound on the skin and you should treat it like a wound. You wouldn't put acid on a cut or a bruise or a sore on any other part of your body would you? Don't do it to your face! It's perfectly fine to cleanse your face once a day with a cleanser intended for that purpose, but you need other things too! Here is what I do!


1. Cleanse in the shower! I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (pictured below).  It's really gentle on my face and it smells lovely, and it's relatively cheap and can be found at Walmart or Target or any drug store.

2. Use Toner! Toner makes my face feel cleaner and fresher and really makes my pores look great! I use the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner (pictured below), and it's really gentle and doesn't dry my face out at all. I highly recommend it!

3. Moisturize! You never ever ever want to get your skin too dry, you want it to be nice and soft and well protected before you even put your makeup on. However, you don't want something that's too oily and makes you more prone to breaking out, or something that's too shiny and will mess up your makeup! I use Mark's Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion (pictured below). It moisturizes my skin but leaves no shine. It can't be found in drug stores, you have to order it from AVON. I don't know if they do shipping to other countries but I do know they ship to the United States and Canada.

A great substitute for this that CAN be found in drug stores and you don't have to order with a representative or online is Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture (Pictured Below). One advantage it has that the Mark moisturizer doesn't, is it also has SPF to protect you from the sun!

4. After you're done with your makeup and home for the day to relax, take that stuff off! I like to wear my makeup when I'm going out or for a few hours when I want to get cute, but I don't wear it when I'm just hanging out in my pajamas and relaxing at home. I use Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths with Green Tea (Pictured Below.) It usually takes two cloths for me to get my face clean enough to suit me, but they come in cute little packs of 30. They smell really good and they're REALLY good for your skin. It does sting a little though if you rub too hard (especially trying to get lash glue off) so be gentle and do not get it in your eyes!

5. After you clean your face with the cleansing cloths, wash your face! The cloths don't get ALL the makeup off, and leaves a residue on the skin that you have to wash away. Now here is where the dermatologist's advice comes in about treating acne like a wound. Rather than washing with a salicylic acid cleanser, use antibacterial hand soap on your face! I suggest something from bath and body works or SoftSoap, something that doesn't dry your face out. All pimples, no matter what causes them, are a buildup under the skin of dirt and bacteria, the anti-bacterial soap will help clear it out. I use Bath and Body Works Antibacterial hand soap in Midnight Pomegranate (Pictured Below) because it moisturizes your skin while getting the bacteria off your face!

6. Just like you would with a cut you're going to put a bandaid on, after you clean the wound you have to protect it. Dab a little bit of Neosporin (pictured below) on your pimples after washing your face with the antibacterial soap, and your pimples will clear up in a few days, it's also antibacterial and will keep your skin nice and clean!

Hope this helps all you lovely Gals get beautiful healthy skin! If you have any suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments or tell me if the routine worked for you!

xoxo- Miko

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